Learn why you don’t have relief.

Too many techniques consider their single approach as the only fix. They forget that its the balance of all areas coming to harmony that enables real wellness. This is understandable, most “experts” only know their single area of expertise.

We believe for long term relief, that balance is key. Just addressing your pain or discomfort only treats the symptom and will cause you to be in the same place again soon. For true relief and a lifestyle of vibrant energy, there are three key areas to heal simultaneously.

We are here to help you achieve the success and balance you need in those three areas so you can truly thrive in wellness – not just temporaily deal with the pain or discomfort.

The downside of only focusing on one area can’t be ignored. People don’t get better. Often people attempt “wellness” steps and don’t see results because they are being taught only one element and the importance of that one element…and not being taught about the entire picture. This means key issues that must be addressed to fully heal into a place of complete freedom get ignored.

You are a whole – not a part. So your thoughts, fuel and motion all impact your life and your ability to thrive on every level. If any single area is barely suriving, you will see the impact in other areas of your life.

So it is essential that you establish simple measures within each arena that propels the balance of your body towards healing and wellness.

By unlocking each area, with little daily minimal steps, you can reach the equation of thriving instead of surviving – continually and consistently.

This website and our practice will do the best we can to equip you with the tools and resources needed to unlock what needs to be done in each area in your life.

I’ve made this my lifes work, I have spent thousands of dollars in education and research all around the world so that I can give this information to you and others and I’ve forgone a business model that gaurantees financial success and adopted a bussiness model that tells you the truth – and attempts to give you the resources you need.

I hope this brings a life of wellness and fufillment to you so that you can then do what you were created to do and give to others in your unique way.

Dr. Black