Have you heard of Kinesio Tape?

Posted by on Apr 19, 2013 in Health

We now have authentic Kinesio tape.

Don’t know what that is? You’re not alone. But its awesome because it can really help your relief without hindering your daily life.

Core Wellness now has Kinesio tape!

Core Wellness now has Kinesio tape!

Here is how The Kinesio Tape can help your situation.

It supports tissue in a very effective way without restricting your movements like a back brace. (Which leaves you with a limited range of motion and ability).

It promotes and increases circulation to the problem areas, which decreased your inflammation and pain in the effected area.

And its super easy to use.

Here are the dirty details.

Not only do we sell the roll and can help you apply it, we have individual take home packages custom made for certain areas. (Like your neck, shoulder, foot, knee..ect…)

The tape is pre-cut and is applied directly to the skin. It’s also hypoallergenic, non restrictive, has a water resistant coating and is super easy. You can wear it for up to three days straight.

We are seeing it really help people – so we decided to bring it in. Feel free to ask me more about it when we see you!



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