The final key area of balance is motion.
How we choose to move directly impacts our bodies ability to oxygenate, detox, and stay vibrantly alive.

When we have a chronic deficit of oxygen flow our bodies will inevitiably grow tired, weak and brittle.
We firmly believe that Motion is life. Lack of motion is a lack of life.

Much like fuel, there are a variety of opinions on which type of motion is the best and which isn’t. Your body and current status of wellness helps dictate what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t be doing.

The motion we choose to embrace should cater to our direct needs and abilities.

That being said, there is a minimal amount of daily motion that will have a large impact on your wellness and thriving potential.

If you can achieve this minimal, you will start seeing massive payoff and your leveraged time will make the long term difference in your health.

The primary elements associated with motion are: horizontal floor-based movements against gravity; quick vertical based movements; and always giving your best effort.

Lets break each of these down:

Horizontal floor movements are general work on each element of our core – the abs and back muscles. If your core is strong throughout your life, much of everything else structurally will operate correctly. If your core is weak, everything else will eventually collapse under the stress.

Quick vertical based movements are what get your oxygenation and blood flowing. Its vital for your long term health to get your blood flowing faster, your heart working a bit harder, and your lymphatic system working. When you have just a little bit of cardio in your day, you help push your blood systems out, exercise your interal state, and flush the accomulated toxins out of your system. None of this can happen without quick movement that raises your heart rate.

Always giving your best is just what it sounds like.
Often people refuse to give themselves their best, especially in the area of motion. If you don’t deserve your best…does anyone else?

You cannot give your best to others if you keep refusing to take care of yourself.

Without the minimal daily approach we have set up for motion, your body will slowly be losing ground. With the minimum approach in Thought, Fuel and Motion – your body will be thriving and gaining ground.

Give yourself the best that you can.