Plan of Action (Unique to You)

So once we are equipped with the awareness…

We need a plan. Without a plan everything is good intentions.

With a plan, we can avoid three massive pitfalls.

1. Not assessing where we are and planning from our unique needs, lifestyle and circumstance. 

One of the main reasons people quite lifestyle changing decisions is because they don’t realize their lack of true will power. They overestimate their ability and the amount of work it will take to change their lifestyle for the better. On the other hand, when you plan for these things, you don’t discouraged when they happen.

2. Not creating strategies for the situations where we know we are most likely to abandon and hurt our plan.

But whats better than not getting discouraged? Creating strategies, unique to who you are, that help ensure your plan will be a success.

Success is a million small decisions. Not one huge “million sized” decision.

Everyone can make a small decision repeatedly. Everyone.

3. Not taking this change seriously. 

So many people know somethings is a good idea, and they do their best for a week or two. But ultimately, if they don’t have a plan, they are fooling themselves. They aren’t in it for the long haul.

Lets be honest. Making good lifestyle decisions puts you in the absolute minority. You are the fish swimming against the current here…

To think its just going to happen without a strategy isn’t being honest with the depth of your decision and the importance of it. Planning, on the other hand, takes your decision seriously and causes you to invest your thought, emotion and energy into making the most of your decision.

So where does Core Wellness come in?

We’ve seen it all – thousands of different plans for thousands of unique situations.

We know where you need to be challenged and where you need grace.

In short – we know how to help you find a plan that fits you and your abilities.

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