We believe several things work together to help you achieve a vibrant life.
Not all problems are the same so it only makes sense that there isn’t a single solution that solves everything. You are unique and you have a unique set of circumstances driving your area of discomfort.
While most wellness doctors or chiropractors will emphasise their approach above every other approach, we can’t do that in good conscience.
Sometimes you really do need a massage therapist. Sometimes a yoga class will do you wonders, or some effective fuel and diet choices.
Sometimes you need some grief counselling.
Because we know you have unique needs, we have built a place at core wellness where one size doesn’t fit all. We will custom fit a unique wellness plan for you that leverages specific areas of strength and skill against whatever is hindering your from a vibrant life.
We will help you figure out which approach will work best for you, then equip you in that area with the specific experts that leverage their skill so it has measured and positive results in your life.
Here are some of the technical wording of what we do (for those of you who understand what it means…).(Coming soon) You can click on the different words to get a fuller definition.

Remember, since all areas intertwine, they are all equally important to the healing process.  Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) is the primary technique that is used at Core.  The Therastim is also used in conjunction with many other chiropractic techniques.  Among them, diversified technique, drop table adjusting, flexion distraction technique, and the gentle adjusting technique of the Activator.  Other services offered at Core include life coaching, relationship counseling, grief work, and nutritional counseling.  Our massage therapists have a large scope of practice which ranges from stretching, deep tissue and lymphatic work, PNF stretching, doulah, and sports massage.  Providing personal training, and movement classes including yoga, TRX, kickboxing, general fitness, and Able Body Fitness are also a vital components of who we are.