Nutritional Counseling

Some say we are what we eat. Taken too literally, this is silly. But on a core level, our bodies can only convert energy and fuel from whatever we give it. Our bodies are a fine tuned machine, and if we start hijacking the building blocks it uses to heal and give itself energy we will slowly (and gradually) start short changing our life experience.

Nearly all long term discomforts and chronic illnesses can be directly avoided by making sure our body has the resources, day in and day out, to rebuild itself and function on a consistent basis.

In the United States especially, we have grown up in a culture that trades good fuel for ease or taste. Long term, we sacrifice the enjoyment of our life and our very health for moments of ease.

It is possible to refuel our bodies on a daily basis without destroying our budget, slaving for hours in the kitchen, or eating nasty tasting items.

Our nutritional counseling helps you discover exactly how to do this:
  • Learn what your body needs to thrive – the basic building blocks your body needs each day.
  • Learn what drives your pain and inflammation and how to address the root cause (on a scietifically proven level) immediately.
  • Learn how to reprogramm your emotions and your taste buds and ease them out of the “boiling frog” syndrome where you are more attracted to non-nutrient food instead of nutrient food.
  • Get support, ecouragment and guidance through the little daily decisions and questions that you will experience.
  • Discover if you have a compromised system (which likely means chronic illness in your future), and how to restore your system back to health before its too late.
Our nutrition and fuel area focuses on enabling and empowering you to graze on mother earth and fast from man made foods – we will do whatever it takes to help you on your end…
The rest is up to you. We believe your future is worth it. We believe you were called to thrive – to enjoy your life to the utmost and to make a difference and impact the world around you.

We look forward to meeting with you.