Acountability (Even Daily)

Once you are aware and have a plan…

All that is left is the action.

And its the hardest part.

There are two things working against you.

1. You are working against yourself. 

The hardest thing for any person to do is change. Our brains are literally wired against it. This is extremely encouraging…once a habit is developed you can go on autopilot.

But until a habit is developed, you have to overcome yourself.

That is where accountability comes in.

We help ensure that you do what you truly want to do…and don’t lose out to yourself.

You see, during change we constantly make up questions and stories that stall our progress. Micro excuses.

And we always second guess ourselves – even on the little things.

(Maybe I need to eat more salad! Do I really need to skip out on the juice?)

And so on…

So us being here with you – side by side – gives you the ability to run silly and small questions by us (which helps remove your silly and small excuses) AND gives you someone that will hold you to your word and what you really want. (Even when your ape brain is trying to fool you into quitting).

But that is just the half of it!


2. You are also fighting against nearly everyone else! 

Accountability also gives you a cheerleader.

Look. It’s never easy making the decisions that you will love for the rest of your life. If it was, more people would do it.

But unfortunately, you are likely on of a small minority that actually cares (and is aware) about the facts surrounding your lifestyle choices. That means you decisions will get mocked. You will be questioned. You will get “advice” from people that aren’t where you want to be…but pretend like they know what they are talking about.

You need another voice to help you rise above all that.

To cheer you on instead of doubt you.

To say you can do it instead of roll their eyes and sigh…because you are on yet another “diet”.

That’s why we let you text. let you call.

That’s why we hold you accountable.