Motion Guidance

Only in the last hundred years has living without having to actually move been possible. Our bodies haven’t caught up to “technology” that allows us to function while only taking a few hundred steps each day and while sitting on our butts.

We are built with movement in mind – and that consistent movement is vital for our internal structure to operate correctly. Because everything is linked (thought, fuel, and motion) – if one area happens to be out of sync, it will pull down your quality of life in every arena.

Motion is critical for your heart health, your blood flow (which impacts your entire body), your internal levels of toxicity, your muscle to fat ratio…I could go on and on.

Our motion guidance team has built the perfect plan for you to leverage your time and efforts while gaining the most long term impact.

Additionally, we have experts in multiple motion disciplines – such as TRX and Yoga – that have built communities of motion disciplines that help make daily and weekly motion a fun, friendly, and awesome experience.

Any change is hard on your own, but with a community of real relationships, expert feedback, leadership, and insight – it becomes not only easy, it becomes fun.

Our motion┬áplans are free or of minimal cost – and will transform your habits in no time.