What we choose to eat is one of the easiest ways to gain perspective on how we value our life.

Confusion in the area doesn’t help. Of the three areas of balance, fuel is possibly the most hotly debated.

Part of the reason there are multiple approaches and differing opinions about what we should and shouldn’t eat is twofold.

First, different ideas and approaches have different goals and principles backing up their evidence. Someone whose goal is wanting to achieve vibrant wellness and minimal inflammation is going to eat different than someone who attempting to win a bodybuilding competition and gain another 50 pounds of muscle.

Second, there are a variety of paths that all work. Thankfully, nature has given us multiple resources and approaches that all achieve a better level of health than the average norm for our society.

That being said, we’ve spent years studying and learning different approaches to diet, and there is a common ground and common sense approach that is consistently proven and embraced throughout the scientific thought movements on fuel. And it isn’t hard.

The primary elements associated with our approach to fuel are:  frequency of meals; duration of time between meals; caloric intake; and prescribed foods and possible supplementation.

Whats key is knowing which approach will work for your wholestic needs of wellness and health. What does your body need – right now – to start thriving?

That answer, as I’m sure you can imagine, is somewhat varied depending on your current journey of health. You are unique, and likely the plan that works for your life isn’t the exact plan that will work for someone else.

At the same time, without getting into too much controversy, one thing I can fully recommend is this general and simple principle: Feast on mother earth (without man made interferance, such as pesticides and GMO’s) – and fast from man made foods.

If you keep that principle in mind much of your journey will start moving towards overall health.
That principle is the core concept of our fuel approach and the real work is finding a way to make that principle acceptable, pallatable, and functional in your unique life.

We have been working and living this principle for years – and would love to assist you on your journey.