If you have chronic pain there will be three direct areas of contribution:

  • Thought
  • Fuel
  • Motion

Everything begins with “thought”. It is the most important element, and changes in other arenas will only be temporary if that change doesn’t also reflect in your thoughts.
Thought is what drives your decisions and actions. If you don’t think correctly about the entire process, bad expectations, bad actions and misunderstanding will sabotage your health in the long run.

If you have physical elements hindering your ability to clearly process thoughts and emotions, then this in turn will limit your ability to invest in the areas of motion and fuel.

We break down the entire package of thought into the following minimals.

First: Water and Air/oxygen and rest. These three elements are the foundational necessities for human life and existence on the physical and practical level. They aggressively work to bring good energy into the body and remove bad toxins.

If your choices are denying the ability of water and air to bring health to your body, you are denying your body a major portion of its healing process. You may see short term results, but you will not achieve long term joy, happiness or energy. In short, you will still be working to survive and not thriving.

However, little tiny adjustments in these three areas will rocket and exponentially increase success in your other areas.

Second: Sleep. Sleep is the body’s natural laboratory of healing. Most of us don’t take the time we need to restore our bodies. Much like refusing to ever stop and change the oil in the car because we have somewhere else to be, we refuse to stop and sleep until our bodies force us into it.

This is foolish. Sleep is one of the main multipliers of wellness. By just focusing on this element, the payoffs would be massive compared to other elements.

For some reason our society has associated sleep with laziness and apathy. This correlation is false. It’s what you do while you are awake that measures your work ethic and commitment to life.

Sleep, if intentional, is the recharging of your energy for your life so you can work and play hard when you are awake. If you don’t recharge, your daily task will be shortchanged and you will not be able to deliver intentional value (or hard work) at all.

Look to babies and nature. Sleep is a natural cycle of wellness and success. If you are chronically making choices that deny your body its ability to re-heal itself from your daily stress, chronic pain or discomfort is inevitable.

Third: Meditation.
While this one is certainly more subjective, its imperative in today’s emotionally stressful world to take a few minutes a day and “release” the emotions of the moment through prayer or deep breathing. (Meditation, in reality, is intentional prayer or intentional oxygenation of the body through deep breaths).

It’s simple. People who take the time to do this are better off – especially emotionally.

Here is the science behind it. Adrenaline, stress and fight or flight responses are caused multiple times throughout each day of our life. Our reactions to them generate a chemical imbalance (through our negative thinking) that literally destroys and attacks our body on the inside. A few hundred years ago, this saved our life all the time. Today, it speeds up the internal destruction of our body’s health.

By taking a few minutes a day to intentionally let the stress that builds up go – through prayer and/or relaxed breathing – you chemically alter the makeup of your hormones. You release healing hormones into your body rather than stress and adrenaline hormones that will tear your body down.

So what is the minimum daily requirement that I encourage my patients to stay at in order to thrive in the arena of thought?

  • Half their weight in ounces each day.
  • 7 hours of sleep each night.
  • 5 minutes of relaxed (non thinking time) with deep breathes or grateful/gentle prayer.

These tasks, while simple, may seem huge and insurmountable. Human psychology and the ego constantly want to keep us in the familiar and want us to reject the unfamiliar.

This can be used to your advantage. By doing some short term work, you can switch your body to be attracted to a new familiar: Water, sleep and relaxation. Once this ritual (or habit) is built into your life – then your human psychology and ego will constantly want to keep you in that routine instead of out of it. (Because it is the new familiar).

This is why health seems too easy to some people.

They have made it their familiar, so their body naturally feels uneasy when it isn’t done. (Just like your body may currently feel uneasy attempting to do it).

Our challenge then, is simple. Equipping you with whatever you need to overcome your current objections to this daily minimal.

That is what we do everyday in our office and our online community.

We hope you join us.

Dr Black